How Blend began

How Blend began

I thought it was time to get a little more personal on my blog and share the story that is most dear to my heart. It is the story of my passion, my baby and a huge part of who I am – How Blend began.

I have always wanted to be a make-up artist growing up, this was something I was so sure about for so long that I can’t remember if I ever considered another career path. I was set in my ways and no one could change my mind, however I often got told that it should be a hobby of mine and I need to find a real job. I ignored all the negative feedback and went to Beauty College straight after high school to pursue my passion. I studied make-up artistry in beauty, theatre and special effects. I am qualified to work on photoshoots, special occasions, weddings, catalogue and film.

As an artist, I never wanted to limit my brand by having the words “makeup artist” in my name. I also didn’t want to have my own name, Paige, be the name of my brand. I have a lot of plans for the brand I created and I want to be able to broaden my horizons in any area or include other employees by not restricting my brand name.

Then came the golden question.. What will my brand name be?

My first step in the brain storming process was spending an afternoon in Exclusive books just looking at words, I wrote a few options into my notebook but nothing tickled my fancy. I knew I wanted only one, stand-alone word and spending some time staring at a lot of words opened the door to creativity and a few days later Blend suddenly came to me.

Why I choose Blend? This is a word that can easily be said and spelt right, it is also very easy to remember. Blend hugely ties into the make-up industry, everything you do with make-up products is blending, whether it be foundation, eyeshadow or contour. My favourite reason why I chose Blend is that when I grow and when my business grows, I have the opportunity to add different aspects of myself into Blend. I will soon be incorporating my clothing design into the business and who knows what direction I could lean towards next. I am blending all the aspects of creative beauty and styling into one brand and I find that very beautiful.

Now that I had my brand name, I couldn’t have been more thrilled but I had to decide what my logo would be and what my brand would look like.

Why a peacock? Initially I was thinking of different shapes of flowers or even a mandala as a logo. I wanted something tangible that I could give to people as presents or as a celebration and it could be something I would be recognized by. I needed to find a logo that represented who I was and represented beauty too.

A week after I decided on my name, I went to visit my favourite bohemian boutique to buy my friend a birthday present. This shop had just been rebranded and it all looked so beautiful! I started chatting to the owner and shared my own story, she then gifted me with my first peacock feather and my heart melted instantly, I could feel that it was meant to be.

A peacock represents ultimate beauty in nature and I love being able to give my clients such stunning feathers. I got into contact with a graphic designer and she brought my vision to life. She designed on paper exactly what was going on in my head. It is beautiful that my logo has two peacocks next to each other like a mirror and it can also be the connection between my client and me. The peacock feathers look like eyelashes coming from eyes. It is perfect for Blend and the colours suited my personality to a T.

I launched my brand in August 2016 and it was been a wild and extraordinary ride. I am blessed with support and a whole lotta love. Working hard for what you want really pays off and keeping your passion in everything you do shines bright through your life. Always go for it, trust your gut and put in everything you’ve got and you will always win.

Blend by Paige
Blend by Paige
My name is Paige Bannatyne and I’m a professional Make-up Artist based in Cape town, who is passionate about the industry. Make-up is an art and I love being creative with my clients, whether it be for fashion, film, bridal, special effects or special occasions. My logo for Blend is a peacock and I am proud to represent this icon of beauty. A peacock symbolises integrity and is a reflection of beauty when ones true colours are revealed. A peacock also represents vibrance and vitality. The symbol of a peacock is associated with embracing infinite possibilities.

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