Growth after Dubai

Growth after Dubai

As some of you may know, I was fortunate enough to attend a Masterclass in Dubai hosted by Mario and Kim Kardashion. Wow! What a humbling experience it was, the class consisted of new techniques and skill sets, what products to use and advice going forward in the cut throat beauty industry. It was a full 12 hour masterclass and I managed to suck in as much knowledge as I possibly could.

After a whole year of trying to put what I had learnt into practice, I sit here reflecting on my growth as a makeup artist and how special this journey as a creative really is.

Mario taught me so much about the application of makeup and how to enhance someone’s natural beauty instead of changing who they truly are. This is always my goal when working with a client as everyone has different kinds of beauty to offer.

Skin is often my primary focus as I love a good dewy or matt finish to a glowy, healthy skin. I want my clients to feel the best they possibly could and feel comfortable in who they are. And I think healthy skin is a great confidence boost.

Looking back, I am beyond grateful that I have always celebrated my creative flare and put all of that energy into my skill set. During makeup school, you don’t learn nearly enough as you should about the application of makeup or what the industry is really like. In school you either fall inlove or out of love with makeup and the world that it offers.

This shouldn’t be discouraging, using school as a foundation for my passion is where it all began. I learnt more and more working with other amazing artists and creatives in the industry. I pushed through and practiced, keeping creative constantly. Slowly my confidence grew and I was open to much more growth.

It is a constant learning experience, from school to Dubai and then working in the industry. I love every minute of it and I always want to grow more as a person and professional artist.  Just gotta keep at it and remind myself how magical this life really is.

Blend by Paige
Blend by Paige
My name is Paige Bannatyne and I’m a professional Make-up Artist based in Cape town, who is passionate about the industry. Make-up is an art and I love being creative with my clients, whether it be for fashion, film, bridal, special effects or special occasions. My logo for Blend is a peacock and I am proud to represent this icon of beauty. A peacock symbolises integrity and is a reflection of beauty when ones true colours are revealed. A peacock also represents vibrance and vitality. The symbol of a peacock is associated with embracing infinite possibilities.

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