October 17, 2018

Beauty without Cruelty

I have recently entered into a new journey for Blend as a brand and for my own personal ethics. I no longer purchase any makeup products from brands
June 27, 2018

Growth after Dubai

As some of you may know, I was fortunate enough to attend a Masterclass in Dubai hosted by Mario and Kim Kardashion. Wow! What a humbling
May 30, 2018

Earthsap Review

I’ve been trying different products that are non-toxic to the body and that are environmentally friendly, to see if I can make the switch with
March 28, 2018

Foraging for Beauty

Recently I had the privilege of attending an amazing natural beauty workshop by my friend Tasmin. Throughout the afternoon I learnt all about using ingredients that […]
March 14, 2018

Baobab Oil

Baobab oil is locally produced seed oil from Limpopo and it is manufactured by an SA based company called Eco Products. This is a raw material […]
October 18, 2017

Why do makeup artists charge the way they do

I often get asked the question.. Why do you charge so much? It costs that much just to get my makeup done, surely not? In this […]
September 20, 2017

How Blend began

I thought it was time to get a little more personal on my blog and share the story that is most dear to my heart. It is the story of my passion, my baby and a
April 19, 2017

Beauty from your kitchen

DIY skin products from the kitchen We all know how pricey beauty products can be so here are 8 amazing ingredients for your skin that will […]