Beauty without Cruelty

Beauty without Cruelty

I have recently entered into a new journey for Blend as a brand and for my own personal ethics. I no longer purchase any makeup products from brands that I know test on animals.

I was shocked to find out that this is still a massive problem in the beauty world and I have decided that I will no longer support these brands going forward. With this being said, I will not throw away the makeup that I already own because that is wasting, I’ll be using what I have until it is finished and then finding alternative brands to top up.

China is one of the biggest markets in the world and this is the main problem. Their drug administration law requires that certain cosmetics are to be tested on animals before being sold into the market. I hope and pray things will change soon.

After hunting down all of the Beauty without Cruelty brands in Cape Town. I thought it would be awesome to write a blog about few of my favourite options – there were a lot more than I imagined there would be so I am super excited to revamp my kit, yay!

Makeup Brands:

  • Inglot

This would be the brand I use the most as I am obsessed with their HD foundation and the ability to build up your own eyeshadows, bronzers and highlighters for my kit. I also use their black eye liner pot for liquid liner.

  • The Body Shop

As you would of noticed on my Instagram for Feedback Fridays, I am a huge fan of The Body Shop. I love their matt foundation for oily skin, their makeup brushes and their lipsticks.

  • Stila

You can purchase this brand in Woolworths and I love their glitter eye shadows. Their foundation is pricey but well worth it for full coverage.

  • Essence

This is a drugstore brand which means it is affordable, woohoo. You can purchase Essence at Clicks or Dischem. I like their mascaras and lip/eye pencils.

  • LA girl

Another amazing drugstore brand to be purchased in Clicks or Dischem. Their colour correctors and concealers are great. I have also just tried their loose powder which has been working well too.

I encourage you to explore more options when it comes to beauty. We need educate others, take action and stop purchasing from these brands. Hopefully then a change will need to be made.

Below are more details about what the symbols mean that are advertised by a brand on their products for better understanding.

Blend by Paige
Blend by Paige
My name is Paige Bannatyne and I’m a professional Make-up Artist based in Cape town, who is passionate about the industry. Make-up is an art and I love being creative with my clients, whether it be for fashion, film, bridal, special effects or special occasions. My logo for Blend is a peacock and I am proud to represent this icon of beauty. A peacock symbolises integrity and is a reflection of beauty when ones true colours are revealed. A peacock also represents vibrance and vitality. The symbol of a peacock is associated with embracing infinite possibilities.

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